The clinic has been up and running since 1984 : it is a modern advanced structure,

built on the 1000 sq meter surface of the new seat of palace Malom.

The direction wanted  the doctors to benefit from the support of more than 30 nursing aides.


Before scheduling implant surgeries patient must perform ct scan and digital panoramic x-ray.   

In the department of radiology of our clinic we perform both digital panoramic x-ray and computerized axial tomography. 


6 units equipped with an automatic sterilization system for the internal fluids.


Your dental healt is in safe hands of a skilled staff that works with state-of-the-art technological tools and machineries of the best quality.

Safe hygienic conditions guaranteed by a department responsible for the sterilization and sealing of instruments.   



Our primary medical rule : the doctors only employ single-use, disposable instruments, to avoid any sort of contamination.

Our rates are so affordable because : salaries, rents, taxes and all those extras that raise management fees in western Europe,

in Hungary are 50%  lower.



Implant and maxillofacial surgery is solely performed by highly qualified, professional hungarian surgeon ; their and the staff  speak english.

Dr-Koncz-Edina Dr-Poti-Sandro Hegedus-Eleonora Dr-Paczolay-Beniamino
Dr. Honfy L.  Dr. Poty S.  Dr. Schneider Z. Dr. Paczolay B.